Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stridently pro-abortion Catholic politicians should be excommunicated: A tribute to Archbishop Joseph Rummel, who defied the Ku Klux Klan

Everywhere we see  politicians who claim to be faithful Catholics but who embrace the culture of death. Nancy Pelosi, the stridently pro-abortion cheerleader, is the worst of the lot; but there are others: Secretary of State John Kerry, for example, who flamboyantly made the sign of the cross in Kiev recently, supports abortion.  And then there is Andrew Cuomo, who claims to be a Catholic but who said there was no place for right-to-lifers in the state of New York.  And let's not forget Kathleen Sebelius--who vetoed abortion restrictions in Kansas while she was governor of that state and who has been banned from communion.

Why haven't these people been excommunicated? Where are our courageous bishops?

We once had courageous bishops in the United States. Archbishop Joseph Rummel, for example, who presided over the New Orleans Archdiocese from 1935 until 1964, desegregated Catholic schools during the early 1960s over ferocious opposition from racists, including the Ku Klux Klan. Segregationists campaigned to have Catholics fired from their jobs if they sent their children to integrated Catholic schools.  Archbishop Rummel kept one school open for four months without a single child in attendance until someone finally burned the school down.

Rummel faced fierce opposition from Leander Perez, a rabid racist Louisiana politician and member of the Dixiecrat party. Perez and two other prominent racists were so strident in their opposition to racial integration that Rummel excommunicated them.

Archbishop Rummel was a man of great courage.  Although he moved cautiously and did everything he could not to antagonize white Catholics who feared school integration, Rummel never wavered in his commitment to racial justice, which he understood as an imperative Catholic value.

We need bishops like Archbishop Rummel now--men who will stand up to pro-abortion politicians who are in fact the angels of death.  It's time some of these people were excommunicated.  I respectfully recommend that the Church start by excommunicating Nancy Pelosi.

Note:  Information about Archbishop Rummel and Leander Perez largely comes from Wikipedia articles about the two men. 

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