Thursday, April 3, 2014

And the insults just keep on coming! Barack Obama gives a Pope-blessed rosary to Nancy Pelosi

Barack Obama is not as smart as he thinks he is, but he is no dummy. He knew exactly what he was doing when he gave a rosary that had been blessed by Pope Francis to Nancy Pelosi, one of the nation's leading evangelists for abortion.

Photo credit:Charles Dharapak/Associated Press
Cardinal Raymond Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, has labeled Pelosi's support for abortion as "grave sin" and has called for her to be excluded from communion.  So when President Obama gave a blessed rosary to Pelosi, he surely knew he was publicly insulting the Pope, American Catholics, and the Catholic faith.

As I wrote recently, Barack Obama is not this country's first openly anti-Catholic president.  John Adams, America's second president, nursed a seething hatred for the Catholic Church, which he described as "the successor of the Apostle Judas and the grand vicar of Satan" (Metzger, 1962, p. 11). Adams, like most of the Anglo Protestant elites of his day, was a rabid anti-Catholic bigot, having inherited his prejudice from the Puritans, who hanged religious dissidents in Boston Common during the 17th century.

As a postmodernist, Barack Obama is an intellectual heir of malignant Puritan prejudice.  The Puritans were arrogant, smug, self-righteous, and narrow minded. They were incapable of showing respect toward anyone who did not share their own impoverished worldview.

Harvard was founded in this atmosphere of religious bigotry, and although Harvard today is one of the most secular places on earth, it retains its Puritanical smugness, which has morphed over the centuries into postmodern conceit.  Obama was educated at Harvard Law School, where he no doubt honed his postmodernist predilections.

I am no perfect Catholic, and I have a broad tolerance for other imperfect Catholics. But isn't it high time to excommunicate Nancy Pelosi, who flaunts her contempt for the most fundamental of all Catholic values--respect for human life?


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