Monday, January 27, 2014

Governor Cuomo says right-to-lifers are not welcome in New York. Should New York Catholics move to Texas?

No place for right-to-lifers in NY
The State of New York airs television advertisements outside the state, urging businesses to relocate to New York.    But  last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo said publicly that right-to-lifers are not welcome in New York. Apparently, the Empire State only wants you if you are politically correct.

How is that strategy working out?  According to the latest Census report, New York  gained almost no new citizens in 2013 and maybe even lost a few. Within a year or so, Florida will overtake New York as the nation's third most-populous state. 

Texas, on the other hand, gained more new residents last year than any other state. In the last decade, literally millions of people have moved to Texas. That's why Texas gained four congressional seats after the 2010 census, while New York lost two.

Of course there are many reasons why New York's population remains stagnant while Texas is booming.  Better climate for one.  Better food for another.

But I like to think people are moving to Texas because of its tolerant and neighborly culture.  The nation's academic and media elites often portray Texas as an intolerant, violent, and racist place; but that's not true. Texas has cheerfully absorbed millions of immigrants from Latin America--both legal and undocumented. Houston is a truly international city--with entire suburban districts made up of people from China, Pakistan, India, and Vietnam.  These people came to Texas because they can build a life there; they can get jobs, buy homes, and educate their children.

And a lot of these immigrants are Catholic.  About one Texan in four is now a Catholic.  Many of the new Texas Catholics are Latin American immigrants, but a lot of them are Anglos who moved down from the rust belt--places like Governor Cuomo's New York.

Apparently people want to live in a politically tolerant atmosphere.  The northern media elites like to portray Texas Governor Rick Perry as an intolerant bigot, but Governor Perry would never say anything as bigoted as Governor Cuomo's recent remarks.  Governor Cuomo likes to think of his state as a progressive place to live, but it is Texas that has shown a decent respect for the unborn by passing legislation to put some reasonable restraints on abortion.

Americans should be grateful to Governor Cuomo for blurting out what he really believes--that people who support the right to life should not live in New York.  He may think he is a liberal-minded progressive politician, but he is not. Andrew Cuomo is a bigot.


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