Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear New York Times: Please be accurate when you describe Dorothy' Day's life and work

In the April 29, 2012 issue of the New York Times, Gina Bellante wrote an essay about the Catholic Worker movement, which was founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin. In the last paragraph of an otherwise fine article, Ms. Bellafante wrote of “Rome’s ingratitude” and infered that the Catholic Worker’s “vision of Catholicism” has come under review by the church establishment.”
Dorothy Day, Servant of God
Of course, that inference is inaccurate. Dorothy’s work and writings are in perfect harmony with the great papal encyclicals on social justice. In fact, Dorothy Day has been named a Servant of God by the Vatican, the first step toward canonization.
I wrote a letter to the Times, pointing out that Ms. Bellante's essay had inaccurately suggested that the Catholic Worker movement is disfavored by the Vatican.  My letter wasn't published.
Of course, the Catholic Church is portrayed unfavorably all the time in the main stream media. In the same issue  of the Times in which Ms. Bellafante's essay appeared, Nicholas Kristof and Maureen Dowd wrote op ed essays that were very hostile to the Vatican. As Catholics, it is our responsibility to defend our Church and its leaders when they come under attack.  We should all be writing letters to the New York Times and any other media source that portrays our Church in a negative light


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